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Coming Home

by christine on April 3, 2012

What is an island, a point of land surrounded by water, or a man and a woman surrounded by their world? What does it mean to come home to an island- the core of  “Coming Home“.

Brian Brett

This is a wonderful collection by five talented poets. Reading this book, one yearns for movement, for a different horizon, for beauty. And it makes one ache, just a little.”

Kevin Patterson


by Christine Smart, from ‘Coming Home

I run to catch
the wind in my hair      to know rain
on my cheeks      and feel
mud squelch underfoot     to hear
water tumble through culverts      I run
to see trees    leaning towards me and each other
their branches flailing like dancers
I run from my thoughts       the keyboard     the kitchen sink
to know my breath      sprinting uphill    I run past vineyards    grape pickers
fields of daffodils and migrant workers
past the man pruning apple trees and the blue heron
on one leg by the lagoon     past a pair of mallards in flight   I run to see the sun
splinter the sea    raindrops hanging like tears on telephone wires
the Clydesdale munching hay     lamas lounging            I run
through back lanes along the creek     over fallen trees and broken branches
to hear my heartbeat     sweat and open my lungs      smell manure
apple blossoms and the sea       I run
from noise, questions and the phone
to stop   my thoughts and hear
the pine siskin    the varied thrush     to see
color in the clouds      touch trees with my breath and circle
the meadow     common camas   sword ferns   stinging nettles
and know there’s something other
than blood    muscle    bone         I find
light      under my skin and open
my body         to let the sky in.

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