“Don’t Tell Family Secrets” anthology release November 25, 2022.

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Two of my poems: Green Shame and Wilted Valentine are included in this anthology.
Donna McCart Sharkey and Arleen Paré, sisters and writers, have co-edited an anthology Don’t Tell: Family Secrets, about what may be hidden in families. For each individual, even in the same family, what is secret and what is not, may be different. In Don’t Tell: Family Secrets, fifty-nine writers tell their stories in either prose or poetry, of their own family secrets. So often, mothers bear the burden, stand over time as the keepers of these secrets, trying to keep families intact. Spanning continents, cultures, wars, belief systems, and the private lives of families, the secrets in this book range from over one hundred years ago to the present and include stories – some serious, others quirky, some resolved, and still others that remain a mystery.

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